69° Good Evening
69° Good Evening

Barely bloggin': The Virus Attacks

Excuse my sudden disapperance. I am coming to you on an alternate laptop, with Newsday's Old Reliable (well, not so much in these last few weeks) is in the shop for an overhaul. Hope to have it back and up to speed soon.

This baby is a sloooow rickety Model T exhumed from the Chez Zipay basement and wired like an old radio, so I won't stay long in case it all washes away....

Speaking of radio, listening to WBGO's Blues Hour, Robert Johnson centennial.

Good games tonight again, we'll see if the Wings and Preds hang in. No Rangers news as of the moment, starting to dig more into the draft prospects.

Uh oh, screen just flashed like a strobe.....An early Happy Mothers' Day to all. 


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