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Brandon Prust (eye) will play, Jeremy Williams likely (for White) and uh, Kovy's in


                    More than 20 print, TV and radio reporters were meeting with the Devils while I was speaking with Jeremy Williams and Tortorella. Ilya Kovalchuk, a healthy scratch yesterday, will play for the Devs. Newsday's Arthur Staple was there and has the latest here:


                     For the Bruiseshirts:

                     Brandon Prust (eye) has "no restrictions...we were a little concerend after the game but he had a good night, it opened up, I just talked to him and he's ready to play", said Rangers coach John Tortorella. 

                      Henrik Lundqvist is in net for the second straight....

                     D Steve Eminger will sit for the third straight game, as Matt Gilroy and Mike Sauer are the third pair.


                    Some interesting stuff on Jeremy Williams, who will wear 86---the first Ranger to do so--- and Todd White. "If I put him (Williams) in the lineup, it'll be Todd White coming out....To be fair, I've gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with Todd White. I don'lt have him in a spot that I'm certainly giving him a fair chance at showing what he has. I don't know what he is as a player and I think when yopu put him in spots and different situation, I don't think he has a ton of confidence, and I had a little to do with that. I'm concerned about the speed, but I don;t think I've gievn him a fair shake, but we bring a kid up here who might add some offense and I want to look at him. I've been very honest with Todd about that, he understands it and we'll talk next week about how we can give him a better opportunity, if we can." "


                     Look for switches not only on the second PP unit, but the first..."If Williams plays, I might take a look at him on that. But obviously there may be some changes there."



                   Torts on lessons learned on stick fouls (slashing, hooking):

                   "What's our biggest concern? Discipline...Staal, Dubisnky, take your pick. We have to begin understanding as a team what we think is going to be called as a stick foul, whether you agree with it or not, we have to adhere to it. You have to get stick on puck. I'm sure it's been and is a point of emphasis with the league. It's to the point where you lift your stick off the ice they're looking to make a call.  If you take your stick off the ice and it's parallel, they're looking to make a call... "





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