Good Morning
Good Morning

Bruins' Ference, Coach Julien on the hit (again)

I'm told these never got posted last night, which can happen sometimes, we're all human, especially those of us still in the magnificent newspaper business, out in the field and back on the desks...



"Obviously I was going as fast as I can to try to get to the puck. When I realized I wasn't going to get there first, he boxed me out, I tried to lean back but I was going too fast. Obviously it was a dangerous position. I tried to let up, but didn't let up enough fast enough."

"I haven't seen the replay so I don't know how it looks. I just know the intent, I feel like I'm leaning back but obviously didn't slow up fast enough. It's really their call."


"What I do know is there was no intent to injure there. Certainly we don't like to see that. It's an unfortunate thing. It was a great game. You don't want to see a player get injured. It just made for an unfortunate ending to a great game....Andrew Ference is not a dirty player. He's one of those guys that certainly supports what the league is trying to do as far as minimizing those injuries. … We'll let the league look at it and again, they dissect things their own way and we just wait to hear from them."


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