Good Morning
Good Morning

Carve out the time: Live chat tomorrow at 2

                 Clearing the decks today (actually the Chez Zipay home office, sifting through the debris like in a smoldering mission in an old Western movie). Soundtrack: Graham Parker and The Rumour's "Heat Treatment", the LP.

                  But all the ashes will be swept out for our FWC (Fabulous Weekly Chat, the Tuesday Tradition tomorrow at 2) Blue Noters, as the Slumping B-shirts, who've lost three of four,  prep for five games in seven days.

                 No skate today, as mentioned post-game, but practice tomorrow morning.

                 Let's see...

                 Toronto reports are that Ron Wilson has named The Monster as starter for Wednesday at the Gahden. Check later for more news. Back to the task.

                 And thanks to all the ardent and witty followers, especially the hundreds of new ones in recent weeks, as we roll on with our daily dispatches at





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