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Erik Christensen: Not unhappy about missing hat trick


                  The center's never had one in his career, but he came close when Jonas Gustavsson stopped him on a breakaway in the first period after Christensen already had scored twice.

                "Yeah, it's eluded me a few times," he said. "It would have been nice but we needed the two points as a team, and obviously that's the mopst important thing. I'm not worried about the hat trick. I'm glad it was 3-0. I would have been glas to end the game right there...I find that if I contribute early, it just sort of sparks you and the adrenaline starts flowing and it felt like it kept following me around the ice and you have an extra jump in your step." 

            On the check that sent him to the trainers room: "I took the hit kind of funny, wasn;t expectign it and sometimes when you sort of exhale you get hit in that wrong spot in your chest. It's not the best feeling."



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