Good Evening
Good Evening

Fast forward to April....

The time of reckoning is nigh: No, not the solar storm set to bombard Earth. The Ranger seven-game homestand after tomorrow's game in Chicago.

It will be a time to settle and regroup and rejuvenate. To get matchups, to get Lundqvist back on his game.

Sure, the Pens may soon have Crosby back. The Flyers have won four straight. The Devs are collecting points.

Would anybody dare to imagine this scenario in April?

Eastern Conference Top 4: Pens, Senators, Washington, Rangers. I still think the Bruins can hold off the Senators in the NE, but just sayin. Not a believer in Florida. 

Should the struggling Rangers, who need some timely goals and timely saves to stop this little skid in Chitown, lose or get just a point, and the Pens win, it's hot-under-the-collar time, as much as the players will, excuse the pun, downplay it.

Said Martin Biron: "it was one of those games where there wasn't enough opportunities. At 2-1, they’re playing that closing the middle of the ice game, there was nothing in the slot."

Richards:  "The few mistakes are in the net. It’s what happens when you’re not firing the way you were earlier in the year. We played them pretty tight in the first two periods, but the third was a total different period…We’ve got to find a way to make it 2-2 before they make it 3-1."

I bet the the front office can't wait for Chris Kreider's BC team to be eliminated from the NCAA tourney, so they can sign him and get him into a uni. This club's lack of depth is showing.  I've said it before, Zuccarello might help the PP and in the shootout. Every point counts.



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