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Final: U.S. 3, Swiss 1

         Hello everyone...

         Bobby Ryan rips a loose puck past NHL teammate Jonas Hiller with 1:01 left in the first. Enjoying the physical play, but gotta admit that I miss the bigger sheet in Europe. Swiss playing system well, but don't have seem to have firepower. Drury, Callahan bringing energy and Callahan just missed after cross-ice pass from Drury before Ryan goal. 

         St. Louis David Backes makes power move down left side, cuts in front and slides puck past Hiller 2-0, U.S.  a third of the way into second period.

         U.S. power play, with Ryan Malone, Joe Pavelski and Ryan Suter dominating, ends with a Malone jam-in as Hiller tries to cover up. Halfway mark of second period. How many Ryans are on this team? Seven?

          End of 2, U.S. 3, Swiss 0. Swiss have nine shots on Ryan Miller, although he's had a couple toughies near end of second. Americans have 21 and far more scoring chances.

          Backes: "We had a little rust in the first period."

          And it's now 3-1. Swiss convert a PP as shot rolls up Miller's stick and in. The Swiss have some zing, and U.S. will have to counter.

          Swiss choose not to pull goaltender in final minutes. Three points for U.S..  Not bad given the lack of practice and wear and tear from the NHL and travel. But the Americans, who have good speed, were a little careless in the third and will have to play tighter against more potent opponents.

         Drury had 2 shots in 9:55; Callahan 1 in 10:02, and took the body whenever he could.

          Canada-Norway in about  90 minutes on CNBC. Russia-Latvia later. Fearless prediction: Russia will score at least five goals.

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