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Fraying at the edges? A disappointed coach and the press



         Tight? Terse?  Best way to provide today's script is unfettered by my remarks: We report, you decide. 

          Scene:  Rangers press room at training center, Tarrytown, N.Y., post-practice

          Time: St. Patrick's Day,  a little after 1 p.m.

          Cast: Coach John Tortroella, several camera crews, half-dozen reporters, couple broadcasters.

          Duration: One minute, 28 seconds.(Vintage rock reference: About half as long as The Seeds "Pushin too Hard" or "Lies" by the Knickerbockers.)

Q: How was practice?
JT: It was fine.

(A stretch of a few seconds while participants are forming suitable questions)
JT: Staring contest?...

Q: You hoping for more consistency?
JT: Yes.

Q: Chris Drury said it was "immaturity" on the Rangers part in the loss, Do you agree with that?

JT: No, I don’t. I think that’s the wrong word to use.  Dru and I, we’ve ironed that out within the locker room today.

Q: What word would you use?
JT: I have some words but not for you, with all due respect.

Q: Is it frustrating (this late in the season) to still be moving lines?
JT: Yes.

Q: Are you trying to find a way to get Marian Gaborik going?
JT: Gabby’s got to get himself going.

Q: You've said that in this stretch the top guys need to play better, obviously, they.. ...
JT: They didn’t. That’s a crowded bus though, last night, not to point fingers at one, two or three players. That’s a crowded bus.

Fade to black...

More on the practice, during which it got a little testy between Henrik Lundqvist and  Sean Avery, plus  the reconstituted lines, coming right up...


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