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53° Good Morning

Friday readings, 2nd mock draft TBA, Ryan Miller on NBC for Game 1

Couple early notes:

Reading room: is live-blogging from the combine in Toronto today....Rangers team site is rolling out Top 20 prospect previews alphabetically from now until draft...No Rangers in Winter Classic yet. Commish today will announce the Heinz Field outdoor game between Pens and Caps (understand that NBC really pressed for this) and a February game with Calgary hosting Habs... I won't be in Chicago for Games 1 and 2 of Finals, but plan to be covering Games 3 and 4 from Philadelphia next week, so be sure to check in...Sabres goalie Ryan Miller will be NBC's guest during Game 1 tomorrow night...


The initial Blue Notes 2010 mock draft received some terrific responses, so the second go-round likely will be June 14th or so here, 11 days before the real thang in LA.

Revises? Guaranteed.


Presumably today will evolve smoother than yesterday, when I was driving all over the metro area having Blackberry upgraded, passport renewed, and finally blowing out the alternator on my Mountaineer on the highway in the late afternoon and barely limping on local roads to within 15 minutes striking distance of my mechanic, who eventually came to the rescue. Things could have been worse. The thunderstorms hadn't rolled in yet.

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