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Fueling Savard speculation, live chat at 1

                    If, as we hear, the Bruins are really shopping 32-year-old center Marc Savard in an effort to shed his next four years of huge salary: $7 mil, 7 mil, 6.5, and 5, plus about another $3 mil over the final three....Of course, Savard signed the $28 million extension in December and it is one of the deals that the league is reviewing because of the "tail" which gives him a sweet $4 million annual cap hit..

                   Wonder if Boston would consider a second-round pick in 2011, Matt Gilroy (back to Boston and in his final year) and Sean Avery ($1.9 for two years).....I doubt it, but I wonder.....Bs would save a bundle and will have Tyler Seguin ready at some point, they love picks, could shed Gilroy's $1.75 after this season....

                   Rangers would clear $3.65 million in the deal, have another second rounder next summer anyway,....

                   Just fodder for discussion....




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