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Game 3: Excerpts from Tortorella briefing

Torts: Steve Eminger and Mats Zuccarello out. Did not offer specifics on lines.

On Caps hitting Marc Staal as often as possible: “I’d do it. That’s part of playoff hockey. We’re trying to do the same thing with some of their people, I thought second game was more physical than the first. Defensemen, they’re targets. Do we want our guys hit? No. Part of winning in playoff hockey is taking a hit to make a play. It’s part of winning period.”

On the youngsters, specifically McDonagh and Sauer: “Those two have, right from the get go…it’s been really encouraging. McDonagh has to go through a process. You can’t take a risk (on his Game 2 penalty). If you’re not playing between the whistles, you’re taking a risk, you can just see his attitude, Michael Sauer, the same thing. Step played better. Artie Anisimov, I think there are some nerves, but as each game goes by, it gets a little better. Now coming into MSG, it’s a new animal, our home building, and I’m anxious to see how they react, it’s all part of a process as you’re building a team.”

On Anisimov and Stepan: “Artie really struggled at times; the second half of game 2, he started being more physical and he just seemed more involved, he’s an important guy for us. He’s a young man that has been given quite a bit of responsibility as a center ice man and I saw him growing a little bit in understanding that your game comes in when you start getting around the puck and hitting people. It’s very important for Step, too, he’s gone through not a lot of downs, but once he stared getting involved with the body, the game falls in behind you…I’m looking forward to them today, the team is really ready to jump in here and grab some momentum.”

On going to the net: “That’s a willingness, doesn’t matter which building, you could be out on the pond somewhere. It’s a matter of trying to follow shots there to allow people to get there. The series is 2-0 but it’s been, at least from my standpoint… it could change, it changes, at times we’ve defended pretty well, our biggest key just to get something good to happen for us offensively...We're not far off..”

 "They can’t win the series today, we can’t win the series today but we can grab some momentum."




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