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Jim Dolan to NYR fan: We're focused on a championship

James Dolan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cablevision

James Dolan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cablevision Systems Corporation Credit: Photo by

Like many Rangers fans, Joseph Hellman remains angry about the lockout, and the fallout since it ended: 

Hellman decided to e-mail the Garden’s executive chairman, Jim Dolan, and he received a response the next morning.  

Here’s the exchange:

“With all due respect,” Hellman wrote, “I think the way the New York Rangers organization has responded to the NHL lockout is terrible. In other cities, there have been open practices, sales at team stores, fan rally’s, deals on tickets, etc. The Rangers have done nothing for fans to show a hint of remorse over taking away our game for four months…”

“I’ve always thought the Rangers were one of the classiest organizations, not just in hockey, but in all of pro sports. This slap in the face to your loyal fans is inexcusable. I won’t complain about ticket prices. I understand attending games is a luxury. I would, however, sincerely appreciate some explanation as to why there’s been no outreach to fans in the wake of the ridiculous lockout.”

Dolan wrote back (and a Rangers spokesman confirmed it was him):

“Joseph: There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, we have little time to get ready and all of our focus is bringing our fans a championship. Please be patient, and we will return to our fan engagement tactics soon. As far as remorse goes, no one wanted to play hockey more than the NY Rangers.”


The Dolan family owns controlling interest in the Rangers, Madison Square Garden and Cablevision. Cablevision owns Newsday.

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