Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

KHL on MSG at 1 p.m---and 8 p.m.


I'll probably tune in to one or the other, depends how the workday unfolds...

In the meantime, more games are expected to be scrapped today; Isles and Rangers have already lost nine each.

ESPN's Pierre LeBrun has this:

The owners proposal has since been taken off the table but it is likely that some sort of make whole proposal will be included in the final agreement.

The NHL is willing to negotiate the terms of the “make whole” provision that would make it more appealing for the players.

The NHL wants an immediate 50/50 split of hockey related revenue, but a formula that would start at 53% or 54% for the players in year one and then get down to 50% by the third year could be a plan that works.

The NHLPA proposed a solution where existing contracts are split in two pieces, 13% (which is how much a  players salary would by a drop in HRR from 57% to 50%) and 87%. The player would be guaranteed the 13% and the 87% would be the players new salary on the cap and be subjected to escrow.

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