Clear 30° Good Afternoon
Clear 30° Good Afternoon

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                Too busy of a day looming to hit the shore here in SoCal, (the Pacific would be an icy wake-up call. Where's my wet suit?). Speaking of a rude awakening,  in Calgary last night after the Flames lost 3-0 to the Flyers, Olli Jokinen called being traded a "slap in the face", but looks forward to playing with Gabby.

              So.... part of the holdup in the four-player deal was that Flames wanted Jokinen and Brandon Prust in the lineup one final time. How'd that work out? Think just maybe they were distracted? 

               I'm assuming Torts will use the phrases "kick in some goals" and "grit" and "no disrespect" later when we meet. For your NYR, the swap certainly might fill a couple gaps and save some $$$, but let's see what else Slats & Co. have up their sleeves and what other East clubs do...

               Anyway, I'm trudging off to snag a gallon of coffee and perhaps some crunchy granola and squeeze in a yoga class (yeah, right, but L.A. always tends to remind me of the late Sixties), and we'll talk later, dahlings...

And the dawn comes sneaking up
When it thinks I'm not looking
I'm starting to grieve, man
I used to know
but now I believe, man
They tell me sleep is a gas
and I want to lay down
Sorry I woke you
Mean I've got the no sleep blues

---Robin Williamson, The Incredible String Band, The 5000 Spirits or The Layers of the Onion, 1967


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