32° Good Afternoon
32° Good Afternoon

Live from Texas with the Rangers (NHL, of course)


             Waiting outside the Doug Miller Rink (next to the Bob Gainey Rink) at the Dr. Pepper Star Center in Farmers' Branch, about 10 miles north of downtown Dallas, as the cow flies. Or something.

               Jim Schoenfeld is the first to hit the ice for what should be a 45-minute practice once it gets going. Check here and at for updates.

               Nice place. Several visiting teams practice here, I'm told, because it's much closer to DFW Airport and the AA than the Stars'  regular practice facility in Frisco. Grill is closed, though, so that rumbling you're hearing back East could be my stomach, not another quake off Long Island.

               After three hours of sleep at home, caught a break with American Airlines. Flight on time, whole row to meself, power nap, land early.  More to come in a bit....





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