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Lundqvist recovers from Boyle slapper; Callahan will play vs Flyers

Henrik Lundqvist said he "had a hard time breathing" after being drilled by a Brian Boyle slap shot from the left circle during drills. Lundqvist fell face first into the crease, moaned with pain and skated off, leaving his stick, with Boyle in pursuit.

Lundqvist was struck, but not cut, between the mask and throat pad on the right side of his face and said he "got really dizzy, from the blood not being able to get to my head..."

In the trainers' room, Lundqvist sat down, was iced and later came out to speak with reporters. He said he expected the stiffness to wear off in a few hours.

Lundqvist recalled when a shot cracked his jaw on the right side when his Swedish team played Russia, and he practiced the next day.

"It was a crack and I didn't know about it until two weeks later when it  was still sore. No screws, but I couldn't eat for a couple weeks, drank a lot of soup." 

Tortorella said he did not see Lundqvist get hurt.

"I saw him go off the ice with Doctor Boyle following right behind him."


Boyle, who paled when he saw the goalie go down, skated after him into the trainer's room before returning to the ice. "I felt really bad," he said. I didn't know what to do. I felt good shooting all day. It didn't go quite where I wanted. He's fine. I'll be all right too...soon."


Ryan Callahan, who took some stitches in his right ankle, didn't skate, but Tortorella said he was resting and would play against the Flyers... Derek Boogaard, displaying his left had, said the infection "was better." Looked fine to me....Brandon Dubinsky, the team's player rep, declined to comment on whether the team had voted for Donald Fehr to be the NHLPA executive director. "It's a sensitive issue, and I'm not sure I can say anything."

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