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Mock Draft 2 Completed: Hall to Skinner to Kabanov to Coyle


Greetings all, skip right to the end for the completed draft board, and scroll back up for the play-by-play as we matriculated along. You might want to check the comments/sparring as well....In review, at least one notable overlook: D Mark Pysyk. FAIL! Unless we really think he'll drop to second round....


And at 30, as this nine-hour journey comes to an end, PIP ---picking for Hawks---takes workout demon from Weymouth, Mass. Charlie Coyle, committed to BU, I believe. The Champs can wait for him.


At 29, Evgeny Kuznetsov to Ducks. Selanne heir-apparent? Maybe. From what we read/hear/see, plenty of upside at either C or F.  And, PIP, the stage is yours for the final bow. No blood or endless Shakespearean death scene, OK? 


We are already well over 3,000 page views for the day and will probably reach 4K, Blue Noters. People are following. Nice job. We value your participation. Seriously. 


RANG9 for Ducks and PIP for Hawks. Let's bring this curtain down, boys. We started at 8:30. After all, we've got a live chat tomorrow and I've got other work to do. But again, thanks for coming...



It's Riley Sheahan to the Sharks. Explanation way down below the Mendoza Line. Keep scrolling...


I'll take a swing at Montreal to move this along: John McFarland, a good-skating, nasty forward from Sudbury. Habs need some more muscle upfront.  Over to you Ortiz.


Whew, we are down to last four and perhaps we can all get to happy hour.....

27. MONTREAL Blueseatsblogs.






Picking for Caps, Lucas takes enigmatic Kirill Kabanov, hoping presence of AO will be the enticement and key to this kid's future.



Galiev and McIlrath are gone. See below, Washington picks....Lucas?


Blue Seats Blogs picks Tyler Pitlick for Sabres at 23. See his comments below.


At 22, Yotes select D Jon Merrill. See comments below.


Yo PIP? Galiev? Sheahan?  Good afternoon!



Let's roll gents, nine picks left, be ready. See if we can do this before 6 p.m. and then open the debate....And remember LIVE chat tomorrow at 1 p.m. ..


OK, we have the next two slots filled.

The Penguins take D Jarred Tinordi, Mark's 6-6 son, and the Wings grab Quinton Howden at 21. See below.



Kings, via TomOrtiz,  grab Brock Nelson at 19. See below...


Nashville and Tony up next at 18...Preds select Teemu Pulkkinen.


And now, Colorado, where AirJan left a note and cannot believe Tarasenko is still sitting around. So he's a Lanche. I wondered if they would go for D, (Merrill, Pysyk) but....


Hmmm, CapnMess is unavailable, I assume. So I will make the Sens pick. They drafted Ds the last two years. So, Austin Watson, although Brock Nelson was a possibility.


BlueSeats/Tuponlol. Missed your message about the name change and had shifted teams. Apologies. Besides Buffalo, can you take Ottawa (NOW) and Montreal (Later)


Waiting for CapnMESS and Sens pick.....


Emerson Etem to Bruins. WIth he and Seguin/Hall eventually, watch out.

OTTAWA on the clock..


At 14, Blues grab Alex Burmistrov. See below for Tony's thoughts. By the way, my compliments to all for the job so far today....


PIP, the goalie collector sends Jack Campbell to the Yotes. "They need a franchise goaltender," he writes. Yep.


Ah yes, our pal RANG9 weighs in, selecting at No. 12 for Anaheim, D Derek Forbort, see below...PIP in his warroom...Smoke rising...the Yotes take ??????


Uh, Hellllloooooooooo RANG9. Hit us with yer best shot. Time for my bootheels to be wandering.


It's Mikael Granlund at 11 to the Texans. See full board and reasonings below...Waiting on Rang9. I'll bet it's Burmistrov...ALSO, can someone attempt to roust/locate the PIPster? I've tried emailing to no avail so far...


The polls are closed, and what do we have? A house divided. Jeff Skinner is the winner for the NYR's 10th pick. Just barely. Alex Burmistrov and Vlad Tarasenko were right behind. G Jack Campbell got a couple votes, Watson, Granlund, Etam one each. So we go with Skinner, and Stars on the clock.


Ahem. A quick recap: Hall, Seguin, the three top D, Connolly, El Nino, Johansen, Bjugstad off the board. Still avail somehow: Tarasenko, Skinner, Watson, Etem, Burmistrov, Forbort, etc...


Lucas goes a bit out of the box with "a little surprise and takes home town high hockey legend center Nick Bjugstad" for the Wild at No. 9


The last three: Neiderreiter, Connolly, Johansen. Lucas on the clock, then we poll for about 30 minutes for Rangers selection. Send picks here or twitter or email


UPDATE: We're already at No. 6: Hall, Seguin, Fowler, Gormley, Gudbranson gone, in that order, see below.

Tom Ortiz must be otherwise occupied on the Left Coast, so I'll pick for Tampa. Word is that Yzerman wanted a stud D, and if Gormley was avail, he's the guy. But in this one, Gormley's gone, so back to offense. I think it'll be Nino Neidereitter or Tarasenko, but there's that KHL issue, so...El Nino. Sorry Tom, catch you later...

OK, on to No. 7, and Tony, who believes the hip problem is NOT an issue, grabs Brett Connolly for Carolina. I'll be back with the Thrash in a minute.


The soundtrack to your 2010 Mock Draft 2 steps off old school with Uriah Heep ( also considered: 8:05 by Moby Grape) and continues with some instrumentals...

And we all make our choices
Like a blind man feels his way
And the choice I've made is simple
Passion over pain....

The first and only round of Mock Draft 1, as loyalists may recall, stretched into a second day with picks 26-30 because I allowed trades. Not this time. And we've banned vuvuzelas.

What we need from you, when your turn comes, is the player and a sentence or two of reasoning (best fit, best player avail, maybe some stats, etc, nothing encyclopedic). Post em below or email em to me, the VC, Virtual Commish and Notes Managing Editor. (And don't call me chief!) We'll collect votes for NYR at No. 10.

We'll keep the running live board here with updates, and the latest picks at Adult comments encouraged. And we bust out of the gates early with.....


Says Icehole25: "The Oilers need a big, strong goal scorer to complement playmakers they've been drafting...". Moi: Can't argue with that.


Says Rang9: "No better choice." Moi: Agreed. They are 1 and 1A.


Says the Commish: "Love his speed, poise, personality. A sure thing. Believe Connolly a risk here."


Says Tony: "Since Fowler off the board Columbus takes Gormley, who has a little more offensive upside than Gudbranson. Needs to build back line." Moi: True.


Says Ice: "Isles very pleased to have him fall into their laps." Moi: Should be a solid shut-downer, good size, fills a need in that division."


See above. Maybe Connolly goes here if Stevie Y is convinced there's no health issues. El Nino an all-around player, though.

7. CAROLINA BRETT CONNOLLY. Tony, not a doctor, just plays one at work, says hip problem is emphatically NOT an issue.

8. ATLANTA. RYAN JOHANSEN. Could Tarasenko be the replacement for Kovy? Perhaps. But Atlanta has drafted a Canadien or U.S. first rounder seven of last eight times. So with Connolly gone, I'm thinking Johansen.

9. MINNESOTA NICK BJUGSTAD . LUKAS or in the vernacular, LUCAS, thinks the hometown kid deserves a shot in the Twin Cities.

10. RANGERS (CONSENSUS) JEFF SKINNER. The Kitchener Ranger with the great hands is the fave. But there was plenty of sentiment for Burmistrov and Tarasenko. Gotta say I'm leaning Russian, too, but could be swayed in next 12 days.


Says Chad Genco: "With Brad Richards coming off the books and Modano at the end, the top ranked European skater gives them skill up the middle."


Of the USDT D, RANG9 opines "Surprised he fell this far." Solid pick.

Now brace yourselves, everybody. There's smoke rising from the PIP war room.

13. PHOENIX JACK CAMPBELL. PIP loves his goalies.

14. ST. LOUIS ALEX BURMISTROV. Tony: "Even though Mason and Conklin are 98 years of age each, taking Alex is too good to pass up. We'll let Jake Allen develop as the starting goalie."

15. BOSTON EMERSON ETEM. Says RANG9: "Pure goal scorer, something the B's lack as evident in the Philly series."

And I may add, all season. I think this tough. speedy kid will be a star. He may go higher in the real thang.

16. OTTAWA. AUSTIN WATSON. Like his size and makeup.

17. COLORADO VLADIMIR TARASENKO.  Now about that transfer agreement....

18. NASHVILLE  TEEMU PULKKINEN. Says Tony: "D is fine in Tenn., time to work on offense. Pulkkinen has injury issues but could be explosive."

19. LOS ANGELES  BROCK NELSON. Says TO: "Has time to develop."

20. PITTSBURGH  JARRED TINORDI.  Chad: "Pens learned lesson w/o Scuderi and Gill"

21. DETROIT  QUINTON HOWDEN. Jan was considering Kabonov here, but went with this Wings-style two-way forward

22. PHOENIX. JON MERRILL. From the PIPster: "At 6'3, 200 lbs, this kid is young and only gonna put on muscle and weight and be a real bruser in the D Zone, something Jack Johnson, er Campbell, will really appreciate!!!" 

23. BUFFALO  TYLER PITLICK. BlueSeatsBlogs sayeth: "1st line potential, pure goal scorer, plays C/W, playmaker as well."

24. ATLANTA  STANISLAV GALIEV.  Plenty of D in Blueland. Add this dynamo, who is committed to playing in U.S, upfront with Johansen and the goals will come.

25. VANCOUVER. DYLAN MCILRATH. Merrill, Tinordi off board, we'll go with this big, menacing D.

26. WASHINGTON KIRILL KABANOV. Risky, but talent is inarguable. And Ovie might take him under wing.

27. MONTREAL  JOHN MCFARLAND. Canadiens can use size upfront. Another guy who might go higher.

28. SAN JOSE RILEY SHEAHAN. How to prepare for departure of Marleau? Grab Sheahan, the big Notre Dame fellow with the golden helmet. Oops, wrong sport.

29. ANAHEIM. Forward EVGENY KUZNETSOV. Showed scoring touch in WJCs.

30. CHICAGO. CHARLIE COYLE. Investment. He's been going around this level in other mocks. The Stanley Cup champs can afford to give him a couple years.




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