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More from Toronto: Poutine, Bruins, Rypien



               So a delivery guy walks into the  visitors' locker room with a large cardboard box from Harvey's looking for Sean Avery.

              Yep, the scent was poutine, the French-Canadien cheese fries with gravy and which I generally avoid because, well, I could lose more than a couple liters. Avery directs the messnger to a back room, where, it was assumed, the feast was on him.

               The aroma of course, prompted Quebec-born Martin Biron to promote Ashton's, a provincial chain that Biron said prompted an annual trip. Around Labor Day, he said, he would drive to an Ashton's about 45 minutes from home and bring back poutine for he and his wife, as sort of a summer's over, camp-is-starting ritual.


             Here's Tortorella on whether or not momentum can help the Rangers against Boston on Saturday. I asked him about Derek Jeter's comment that he's not a big believer in momentum. The response:

               "I don't go game-to-game as momentum. When you're playing at the level we played at last night, it's how long can you keep playing there? It's not game to game, it goes period to period. You look to grab a hold of that. You see, and you hope the players see, that's where we're going to be successful in how we played. How long can we keep it there? If that's the definition of momentum, I don't know. A whole season is a string of ups and downs and how long you can keep it up there and how quickly can you get out of the down line."

             You may not win, and that's what I told them before the (Leafs) game. We can't control the result, we certainly can control the process of how we have to play to get the opportunity....That wasn't a special level, that has to be how we play That's what we're workign on, our identity as a hockey club."


              The 4-1-0 Bruins, the coach said, have "a lot of depth right through their lineup, they've had a lot of travel (starting with Prague) considering the schedule they've had, and they're just getting home. That's going to be a tremendous challenge for us...Tim Thomas is one of the most competitive players in the league."



             Assume everyone saw the six-game suspension to Rick Rypien for the fan attack in Minnesota. I was thinking seven to 10.




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