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More quotes: Brad Richards on his "A"

Richards wore the 'A" in Tampa and Dallas:  “I’ve learned a lot – whether you wear an ‘A’ or not, you learn from everybody you play with, you see a lot of different leaders, and I’ve been fortunate enough to play for some big NHL teams, Team Canadas where I’ve been with some great players who have been considered great leaders. I just try to bundle all that up, and be yourself. I’m still going to be myself, whether I had an ‘A’ or not, or whatever, I was still going to do what I needed to do to help the team.”

“That role was going to be on me. Let’s be honest. I signed a nine-year contract after 12 years in the league. That role was going to be on me no matter what. They’re not expecting me to come in here, hide in the corner and not talk. I don’t see how it changes a whole lot in what I’m doing. I’m here to help. It’s an honor, obviously, to have an ‘A’ on your chest in any organization, especially an Original Six team. I’m going to just keep doing what I do and try to help Cally. I know they have a good young group that’s been growing together, and I’m not going to try to disrupt any of that. Add whatever I can to what they’re doing.”

 “Most of them (the players) probably have a good idea of what’s going on. I’m there, but the last thing I want to do is have it just look like it’s me and Torts. I’m part of the team. I’m not part of – I’m not with Torts, I’m with these guys.”

“Marc’s (Staal) a great guy. I’ve been getting to know him, hanging out with him. I didn’t really know him that well, and he’s a really good guy. Another warrior, like Cally. That’s the core of the team, young guys that are going to be here for a while. Like I said, I’m just going to try to help out, if they ask, if they don’t ask, whatever. I’ll have some input at times, but these guys have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on around here. They’ve been with the coach, know the organization. There won’t be much of an issue.”

With an A, “The only difference is I might get a little more leeway yelling at the refs. It’s just an honor, and I’m honored to have it on my shoulder, for sure, in this organization, but it’s not going to change how I’m doing things around here.”

 “Hopefully I can get through it (training camp) without a heart attack. I wanted so bad to get back to it (grins). Every day that goes by, you just feel better about everything. Coming to the rink now feels normal.”

About  the long road journey from late September to mid-October in Europe and Western Canada:

"Probably not ideal for everybody else, but for me, and probably for Michael Rupp, it’ll be a good chance to get to know everybody when we’re on the road for the first month. This team doesn’t travel a whole lot as it is, so to get a lot of it in, it’ll really help me get to know the guys and be around them all the time, and hopefully they get to know me also, not just me getting to know them.”



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