Clear 42° Good Afternoon
Clear 42° Good Afternoon

On tap: Penguins-Canadiens, Bruins-Flyers



                The Worlds have been a nice little afternoon diversion (when I can catch em), but tonight's games are must-see, no? 

                Flyers-B's depends a lot on Leighton's readiness, penalty calls and non-calls and Savard; Game 7 on Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar and the vibe at the Igloo. Pressure's all on Pittsburgh.


               Just scanned the comments board and well, well, well, a prodigal son has returned under the same name.  And gee Lucas, you came back because you like two regulars and the format? Not my tireless work, intrepid reporting, dynamic critiques and overall "je ne sais quoi"? ? I'm crushed. Psst. What's it really like over on the dark side of Blogville?


            I'm pencilling in next Tuesday around 1 p.m. for an overdue live chat.  We can firm it up later.

            Meantime, check in during the games tonight and reminderama: follow me daily at

            As Mick Jagger said: "It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can let yourself back"....










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