41° Good Morning
41° Good Morning

Parliamentary Session: Senators at Rangers...


                     There will be a rematch near the Rideau on Thursday, but this home and home kicks off at MSG at 5 p.m.  The coach will apprise us of his thoughts at 3 p.m. Expecting Henrik Lundqvist to start and Brandon Prust (shoulder) to play.

                   Sens are having trouble scoring and killing penalties. Not a quality combo. But will Rangers have a lull this afternoon somewhere? About as inevitable as Jeter's new contract.

                     Assuming the NFL Sunday crowd at Garden will be reactive, rather than proactive, as the atmosphere has been for most of the home games this season.

                     Rangers are off tomorrow, but we'll have our FWC (Fabulous Weekly Chat) at 2 p.m.  Newsday's paywall has been lowered temporarily---to unveil the redesigned I expect a larger than usual crowd.  Don't disappoint me, elves.

                    Will check in from MSG after 3....                   

                    Just FYI, don't know how I missed reading "Netherland" by Joseph O'Neill when it came out a while back. Caught up. Great New York read/memoir. Gent can write.

                    Oh, and remember to follow me for real-time reports and commentary at today and onward....Thanks



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