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Parsing the Jokinen, Kotalik, Higgins, Prust deal...

              Aloha from the city of lost angels. Sometimes I feel like one.

              This thing dragged on all night, and I confess I had some doubts during the Flyers-Flames game that the deal might be tweaked. I'll speak to Jokinen and Prust later today, so swing back here for that.

                The Prez and GM also will hold court out here to discuss the jettisoning of two of his off-season signings and what went wrong, of course, and what he thinks about these new rentals. That discourse, and the impressions of the coach,  will be reported here as well.

             But here's my take: There's more moves coming. These are forwards.

             Ding, ding, ding: D needed! 

             If Ilkka Heikinen isn't ready to play in the NHL, as ascertained by the front office and Hartford brass, then some more space needs to be created through waivers or trades, no?


             How will Jokinen, who has a little bit of a rep as being inconsistent, fare with coach John Tortorella? Especially when he knows he can walk after the season. Figure he'll wear 21. If he can provide any type of offense, the trade might be considered a plus. And remember, no prospects were thrown in.

             Prust isn't risky and adds some muscle.  Voros and Brash's ice time could be diminished.

             Kotalik's move gives the Blueshirts a little extra cap room next season. I remember him being angry with me for bringing up reports that  he had cancelled autograph sessions and had asked for a trade, yet he made no bones about the fact that he was unhappy. "I didn't come to New York for the musicals," he said. Hope he does get more ice time in Calgary. (Some good Westerns there, too, I hear.)

             Higgy was due for a change of scene and coach, too. Coming home wasn't what the doctor ordered. He just seemed a step or two off stride all year and became more of a forechecker and grinder than the scorer the Blueshirts needed. . I think he can rebound somewhere next season. 

              And away we go. At least this turned out not to be another day to write about the scoring woes....








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