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Good Morning

Rangers sign Ryan Bourque...


Bourque, 20, (Ray's son) was the team's third-rounder in 2009.  The Boxford, Mass native shoots left and is 26-31-57 in 47 games in his second season with the Quebec Remparts. He's 5-9, 170, a high-energy guy and filling out.  THN's Future Watch ranked him as Rangers' ninth top prospect. Note: They had Ryan McDonagh at 3, so figure Bourque at 8.

I remember meeting him at that draft and telling me that he was, naturally, a Bruins fan as a youngster, but that the Rangers were on of the top three teams he wanted to go to.   

According to, the preliminary two-way contract figures are:

2011-12 $67,500 (AHL) $615,000 Signing bonus: $90,000 Cap hit: $656,667

2012-13 $67,500 (AHL) $640,000, $90,000 $656,667

2013-14 $67,500 (AHL) $715,000,  $90,000 $656,667

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