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Rangers visiting Winnipeg next season?

Or perhaps the Manitoba Falcons, or Mosquitos or whatever the relocated Atlanta Thrashers may be called. That's what one source is saying.  We know that the Garden renovations will keep the Rangers on the road starting in late September, with three exhibition games in the states and probably three in Europe. 

A game in Prague has been confirmed, and we hear at least one in Sweden and possibly one in Helsinki are on tap. Once the Rangers return from Stockholm, where the season begins with games against the Kings and Ducks, there apparently is a West Coast trip planned, and the Rangers did part of the Pacific Division last season. (I remember waking up early in San Jose to the news about the tsunami and thinking about driving to, well, Vegas.)

So the Rangers will have played the Kings and Ducks once in October and were in San Jose and Dallas last season. Guess there could be a Phoenix trip, which I wouldn't mind at all... But the Rangers also were in Colorado last season and Minnesota would be moved to the Central to make room for Winnipeg/Manitoba, so the Northwest Division---last visited in 2009---may be on tap: Vancouver, Calgary/Edmonton and....Winnipeg???  I just hope it's not minus-50 on game day....


The re-alignment could be a mixed bag for the Rangers in another sense.  If the Wild, logically, goes to the Central Division, who goes to the Southeast, Nashville or Columbus?  Nashville certainly makes the Eastern Conference tougher and your Rangers would face them four times. Columbus is rebuilding, and on paper, an easier opponent. Me, I wouldn't mind a few extra nights in Nashville....


Thoughts? More from here later...


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