Afternoon from the Garden. Nice to be back on-line after that stormy Saturday. Apologies to the Blue Noters and followers for the downtime,

            Enver Lisin and Aaron Voros will be out, but the story line this afternoon is for the Rangers to maintain discipline.

          "Not everybody's going to be an angel," said coach John Tortorella. "There's going to be penalties within the game, they just need to be the right ones, when you're trying to do somerthing in a desperate manner. Not the stick fouls and not retaliation. You're gonna take a rap to the head today if you have to, to make sure you stay within yourself and find a way to help this club win a hockey game. " 

            "We're in such a spot here that we need to concentrate on our game: play with the proper emotion, but also stay within yourself as far as the discipline part. It's just too important a game to do somehting stupid and cost your team because of payback. That stuff equals itself out along the way."


        Here's Torts on Vinny Prospal:  "He's been through it before. He's an important guy for us just for the enthusiasm, he's an infectious guy. You can see it in how hard he practices. He's been in the league long enough, he knows where we at. He's a good person, even before he gets on the ice."


          The Prospal-Jokinen-Gaborik line will start the game, he said. "Joks can bring the offense. We just have to make sure he understands play away from the puck. It was a line that created a lot of offense in Atlanta, but when you're playing a balanced team like Philly also have to play away from the puck."


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              As for Avery's lack of being "engaged", said Tortorella, "that was just a word I used with you guys.  But Sean and I have been in much more in-depth conversations. It should be crystal clear. All our players here, that's one thing this coaching staff doesn't have a problem with, being honest; good, bad or ugly, they know where they stand. What we expect out of them, what they're doing well, what they're not."