OTTAWA---Each of the three Ranger players who returned from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver with a medal has a treasure trove of memories. Here are a few:


                     “It didn’t really matter who scored at that point,” said Olli Jokinen, whose third-period goals against Slovakia tied, and won, the bronze medal game for Finland 4-3. “For a lot of us,’’ said Jokinen, “it was probably going to be the last time we’ll put that jersey on. For probably half of us, it was the last game, and probably the best way we could finish, on a good note. It’s been a good run.”  Finland has won three bronze medals and he entrusted this one to his older daughter on the trip home. “She was a big celebrity at the airport; now, she and the younger one, they’re taking turns.”

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                     For Chris Drury, who came home wearing silver with his U.S. team for the second time since 2002, the fortnight in Vancouver was “pretty special, just the ride we got on, the way we clicked.” And, he added “it was pretty special for me, at this point in my career, to get to do it, as one of the older guys on the team. Just to be part of it, and to share it with my wife and two oldest kids, it was a really good two weeks.” The gold medal overtime loss to Canada wasn’t the greatest game he’s been in, Drury said, but “it’s up there, certainly top five. That Game 7 to win the Stanley Cup (in Colorado in 2001) was pretty special, but the whole tournament was a great experience. I would imagine all those young guys will just absolutely take off after this. It’ll be fun to sit back and watch those guys all grow together in USA Hockey in World Cups and Olympics down the road.”


                 Rochester native Ryan Callahan, 24, emerged from his Olympic debut a changed person. “We knew going into the first Canada game, it was going to be a test for us. After that, we realized we’ve got a great shot at winning this thing. Everybody wanted that gold and we came pretty close. It was something that I’ll cherish and just playing in a big game like that, it’ll help a lot, in the games to get into the playoffs or in the playoffs. You can look back and know you were part of a big game like that.”