Clear 34° Good Afternoon
Clear 34° Good Afternoon

Some thoughts on traffic...and thanks


                   The MSM, bloggers, critics and even some fans have been having plenty of chuckles over the 35 paying subscribers to 

                     And why not? If wasn't still free to hundreds of thousands of Newsday subscribers and  1.7 million or more Cablevision customers, there'd be even more jeers. Personally< i think the fee and the site itself can be tweaked and improved, but it's not my call.

                All I can say is, for those who continue to read Blue Notes (about 5,000 hits per day), and follow my Twitter reports (2,100 and growing daily), thanks again.  You've made the right move. Please check out all our other blogs as well.

               More from Colorado later, where the Rangers try to stop the five-game slide at Pepsi Center...



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