OK, here's how it shakes out for Rangers-Flyers tomorrow:

               Both the Bruins (4-2 win) and Canadiens (4-3 OT loss) clinched playoff berths today. The B's have 89 points and a game to play and will finish sixth. The Canadiens, with 88, are in seventh, but are done and could drop to eighth.

              In Philly, the winner advances, the loser goes home. 

              With 86 points each, the Flyers will jump to seventh place with a win and 88 points; they have more wins than the Canadiens. 

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             The Rangers, however, with a win, can only finish eighth and would face the Capitals in the first round, not an enviable draw for the second consecutive year. Even with ties in wins and points, Montreal would have the next tie-breaker: They are 2-1-1 head to head with the Blueshirts.