Good Morning
Good Morning

Still taking questions, folks......(update)



            Thanks, all you fired-up fans....Chat ended kinda abruptly, so post em on the comments board or or email me, and I'll get to them as soon as possible..

The first:

            PIP, put down the revolver and back slowly off the ledge and back into the room.  As I wrote yesterday, lots of time before October. It's one day.  Yes, Boogey was a swing and miss,  but it's not like they're committed for six years, $30 mil!  He won't play every day, they may buy him out after new CBA, who knows? Don't believe he will be here for four years. Should they have kept Colton Orr for four mil over 4? Perhaps.

            And perhaps I should have moved to California and opened a combination recording studio and surf shop in 1968. Looking back can give ya an ulcer, my friend...



            Frolov asking $5 mill apparently, and there's a report he's OK with going to the K if the $$$ not here. I do not have independent corroboration on that.


On Redden:

           I believe there is a chance he can be demoted to Hartford during camp if some in the organization have their way....Speaking of Isles, guys, You know who might be a nice add  if his price comes down? Andy Sutton.


        OK, you wild people.

        Sorry, with the Prust signing and impending happy hour on a neighbor's deck, the floor is yours for the night. I'm shutting it down. Talk tomorrow... Oh and "Wave Your Flag and Stop the Train" was thrashed out by The Move...Roy Wood et al....








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