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The dog-and-pony show in TO....

No, I'm NOT going to compare it to "The Decision".

But the stream of club executives and hangers on, with their video pitches and blank checkbooks, descending on Mississagua to have an audience with Brad Richards is  silly, excessive and borderline distasteful.

It's not as if Richards had just arrived fresh from Russia, or Pluto, for pete's sake, and has to have Hollywood or the SoCal beaches described to him.

He's been in NHL for a decade!   

Should Torts have made a special trip to show him a photo of the Chrysler Building? A house in Greenwich? Richards, by most accounts a humble fellow (I've only spoke to him a few times) has made more dough in his career than a street full of downtown suits.

Listen, Richards knows the landscape. He controlled his destiny last season in Dallas. He's been around the block. Why not do it all by conference call? If it's a business deal, and you're going to toss some heavy cash around, approach it with a sense of decorum. Not a reality show.   

But again, that's just me.

Maybe it wouldn't have happened if there were another elite athlete on the market.  Go figure.

"When the world is running down, make the best of what's still around...."  



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