Clear 41° Good Evening
Clear 41° Good Evening

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                  Can only assume that most Rangers fans have been swept into a "forced reconciliation" (nice oxymoron, that)  that the Blueshirts will either miss the playoffs or be throttled in the first round and you want to spin things ahead already....

                 Fine. Been a while since that coup de foudre (loosely translated,  a lighting bolt of revelation) struck here at Chez Zipay, so I'm not going to paddle my kayak against the tide.

                 Arthur Staple has returned from a short respite and is pinch-hitting for me at practice on my off-day, but I'm carving out 60 minutes in a grand show of industry and alacrity for you loyalists. Then I'll leave you to your own devices until tomorrow.  (UPDATE: Stapes reports from practice that Sean Avery is back skating and Ryan Callahan is missing for second day after injury in Bosotn)

                See you later....

                Oh yeah, and feel free to join the roiling masses who follow me daily at


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