Scattered Clouds 41° Good Evening
Scattered Clouds 41° Good Evening

The Thursday plus-minus


So I make it to spring/And it's no bed of roses

Just more hard work and bad company

--Van Morrison


                         Plus: Won my squash match last night! 

                         Minus: Walking like zombie from B-movie today

                         Plus:  No morning skate!

                         Minus: No schmoozing with Rangers head coach until 5. Wait, let me rethink that word...schmoozing.

                         Plus: Live chat at 1 p.m.!

                         Minus: Many loyal Blue Noters will have to keep only one eye on NCAAs for an hour 

                         Plus: 70 degrees next few days!

                         Minus: None, well....yardwork

                         Plus:  The Prez picked my man Jay Wright's Wildcats to reach Final Four

                         Minus: The Prez picked my man Jay Wright's Wildcats to reach Final Four

                         Plus: New sushi place opening near Chez Zipay

                         Minus: Grand opening not today

                         Plus: Old pal John Davidson in town. Will ask him about tribute on Alex Auld's mask. 

                        Minus: Blues will fall short of playoffs

                        Plus: Taxes ready for final review by longtime  accountant

                        Minus: New York state broke, withholding refunds

                        Plus: Tom Petty on tour this summer, Adrian Legg gig tomorrow

                        Major Minus: Music maven and ex-Knicks, Rangers, community affairs guy Sammy Steinlight leaving Garden for greener pastures

                        Ah well....

                        Looking forward to speaking with you all around 1 p.m.....      

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