Clear 31° Good Morning
Clear 31° Good Morning

Thoughts from players....and live chat tomorrow at 1 p.m.


             ...I've got quote-filled notebooks and a jammed tape recorder.

                Most provocative stuff came from Torts, (duh) but had some intruiging conversations with players.

                 Rather than jam everything quickly and higgeldy-piggly here tonight, I will spread them out over the next week in posts on individual players, with analysis on their seasons, chances of returning, where they might end up, why, etc. as well as toss in some thoughts about the ongoing playoffs, free agents, prospects, music recommendations, observations on summer, the whole enchilada as we swing into an early off-season 

                 Makes more sense to me and give y'all a chance to comment on individuals. Besides, I want to speak with their agents and oh yeah, fire up some ribs and watch the draft lottery in an hour, haha.  Can't imagine Rangers won't remain in 10th.

                See ya tomorrow and remember to follow me at






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