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Time for revised proposals from NHL, NHLPA

Or another two weeks of games will be cancelled later this month, many of us who have been covering the "negotiations" since July believe....

You can read my story about the days developments, details, quotes, etc. on

Here's what to look for moving forward:

There's a lot of anger out there, but both sides will be back to the table, perhaps next week.  Some people familiar with the issues believe there's some deal to be made if both sides move closer to a 50-50 revenue split, which the NFL and NBA have forged in recent contracts. So each side has to drop the stubborness, take the high road and start moving toward the middle.

I understand that this is business and isn't easy, but the damage done to the sport if this lockout continues far enough to severely impact the sponsorships, the Canadien TV programming, far enough to cancel NBC's Nov. 23rd Thanksgiving-style broadcast debut of Rangers and Bruins in Boston and jeez, the Winter Classic, then perhaps neither side (owners, players) deserves the $3 billion to divide up.

None of the five Rangers games cancelled so far are at MSG, which I'll be touring tomorrow to check out the Phase 2 changes. Stay tuned for a report.

Could the games be rescheduled? Maybe, if there's some quick deal, which I don't envision unless some owners, or a third party, intervenes. Hearing that new schedules are being prepared, which might focus on more in-conference games. That all depends on how far this blunders on....



Music helps shine a ribbon of light in the darkness of stupidity, doesn't it?

During the lost season of 04-05, what was coming through the speakers at Chez Zipay and on the headphones during my rambles?  Had to delve into the archives, but it was much more than “American Idiot”, Arcade Fire and U2, eh? 

I remember “Lay Low” from MMJ; The Decemberists’ “The Engine Driver” from Picaresque; Ry Cooder’s evocative “Third Base, Dodger Stadium”; Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, “Cold Roses”; John Prine’s “Long Monday” (sweet clip on “Austin City Limits” couple years ago); those lovable bootleggers, Drive-by Truckers: “Never Gonna Change”,  Snow Patrol’s “Chocolate”; Herbie Hancock’s priceless “The Piano” (a superb solo album, first recorded in 1978).

Starting today,  it'll probably be mostly blues...Albert and BB, Mayall and Clapton, Muddy and Buddy, Gary Clark Jr., Charlie Musselwhite, Willie Dixon, Stevie Ray and maybe even some English Rose-era Fleetwood Mac and Savoy Brown... 

More later, friends....



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