Good Evening
Good Evening

Today's briefing from John Tortorella

Some interesting stuff on the injuries, the Game One tipping points, the penalties, execution and the start of Game 2: 


“I thought we generated offense; you know, we don’t score on our breakaway when its 1-nothing, they score on their breakaway; we score, we’re up 2-0; they score, they’re up 2-1. Fine line between winning and losing. So we’re just going to get prepared for our next game. There’s a couple things we need to correct, but we’ll be ready to play.”

Is it a matter of executing or the way the game is played?


A guy’s trying to get back in the lineup, hasn’t skated in a while, is it less a concern at this time of year?

"Yes, less a concern…"


“Because if we don’t win, we’re done.  So I don’t give a damn about the conditioning. If I think a player’s gonna help us, he’s going to play.”

Anything particular you’d like to see on the power play?

“Score a goal. The 5 on 3 was…you’d like to get something there. As I said last night, we didn’t. We still had four of five good chances, we don’t score. Special teams are a big part of it, hopefully, we’ll get something done.

On Mike Green’s wide shot that Ovechkin pots on the PP:

“I wouldn’t say it’s bad luck. I don’t think we were in great position prior to that, I think if we were, we’d be able to defend that better, but it’s off the kickboards, and it goes right to him. That’s part of it…. I don’t think he’s trying to use the kickboards, it’s just shot wide.

“A lot of teams, these kickboards are live here, they will do that; they know we’re going to try to front shots, they will do that. Bottom line is, we can’t be down five times. You could sense---I don’t think it’s a penalty (on Asham), it’s not a penalty---but when you end up taking that many so quickly in the game, it’s going to happen, and it did.”

Ovechkin and Green…

“They’re good players, you have to give credit to good players. But I thought we killed penalties well last night…but things like that are going to happen when there’s good players on the ice and us down a man for so long, so many times. We can’t be there. We will not win games if we’re there.  Forget about how you defend it, we can’t be in the box that much.”

The start:

“They were shooting the puck from everywhere. There wasn’t a lot of great scoring chances within that time. Having Zook jump on the ice for the wrong guy 34 seconds into the game didn’t help, so yeah, we definitely want more of a territorial-type start, but I thought we did a really good job of getting through that part and finding ourselves in the second half of that period, again we don’t get the second goal; I think it could change the complexion, and we had opportunities to get the second goal, and they score on their breakaway and take a lead.”

On the John Moore shot that was behind Holtby, who grabbed it:

“It’s the right call; I think it’s a goal, but I think it’s the right call. They said no goal on the ice and you can’t see it on the replay. I don’t know what happened to the cameras that they always want that are above the net, maybe they don’t have them here in Washington, I don’t know, but I know they always want…well, forget it, I’m not gonna go there.” 

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