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Torts: Last 2 Stanley Cup winners started in Europe

I asked the coach about the challenges that the several weeks in Europe, with three or more exhibition games and two regular-season games in three countries, will bring, and he said having a routine is critical...

"The last two teams have won Stanley Cup after starting in Europe," he said.  (I didn;t remind him that all the other teams that went across the pond didn't, but not need to be picky) "There are a number of things, going on around our club, with the (MSG) renovations, Europe, I know you guys are going to talk to me about that as the season gets going and rightfully so, but I think the key thing is....I think there’s a knowing: I think they (they players) understand our routine, we understand their routine, they understand our camp routine, they understand our regular-season routine, games, schedule, pre-game stuff. That’s not gonna change. We just need to stay with our routine through all of this, and there may be some bumps in the road, you never know what’s going to happen with the building and what’s going to happen in Europe. You’ve just got to roll with it and stay within ourselves and focus. I think we’ll be okay. "

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