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Torts on Avery: "We have better players..I wish him luck."

Thanks to Dan Rosen of, a good guy who is in Stockholm while I'm sidelined, here's a transcript of coach John Tortorella's remarks today: 

"Sean is a player we have used as a banger and forechecker. We don't use him killing penalties or on the power play. The consequence is with Erik (Christenesen), I can use him in a number of different spots. That's the way it worked out.

"Sean had a good camp, but we had to make a decision. I just think our team has grown. I give Sean a lot of credit. When he was brought in here, I wasn't here, but I know he was a catalyst in helping that team get to the playoffs, but I think our team has grown and you have to keep moving, not staying still."

"We have a better team. I don't want to jam up Sean here, I think we have better players than Sean Avery, plain and simple. I can dodge it 10 different ways without trying to run Sean over -- I thought he had a good camp, but I think the makeup of our team and some of the people we've added and some of the youth we've added as far as depth put Sean in this spot. I wish him good luck in everything, but we've gone by that. I think we're a better club. The players that are here are better than Sean Avery. They're more versatile in a lot of different areas. The addition of Rupp has helped us to fill some of what Sean brought to this club. I think we have developed a team toughness as we have grown as a hockey club."

"I'm trying to do this the right way because I don't want to keep on shoveling dirt over Sean Avery, but we have better players than Sean Avery right now on the hockey club---I guess I just did shovel some."

"Erik is a guy that can play on the power play and has helped us in shootouts. Obviously on our team in the last two years, that's an important note. I can bump him maybe into a top six forward if he can stay consistent, but that's still a question mark within his game. I still think he has that ability to do that. It's just the situation where I think there are a number of different things Erik can do."



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