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Good Morning

Torts on Zuccarello, Boyle, Gilroy, Prospal, Eminger

Brian Boyle and Mats Zuccarello were working with skating tutor Barbara Underhill this week in Westchester:

"Great to have some other players see that," said John Tortorella. "Boyle had a really good year last year. Zook got a taste of it last year, fell off a bit near then end;  it was a tremendous learning experience for him and Brian. Remember, I wanted Brian out of here, what they’re telling me is, especially Brian, is: That wasn’t enough, I have to continue to improve. And he does. He has to come back and do it again. Zook is going to be here for a month and a half, he’s going to go home for a bit, but then stay here and train with (strength and conditioning coach) Reggie (Grant) and be around the organization and our facility to get ready for next year. It’s a matter of trying to be better…If you don’t continue to improve, maybe someone’s looking going to go right by you. I think that’s their mindset being here right now.”

I asked if the Rangers needed one or two veteran D, like a Steve Eminger:

"We know what Emmy is. we put Emmy on both sides, he played with a lot of bite in his game. There were struggles sometimes, but he gave us some good minutes playing out of position most of the year. You don’t have to force yourself to get that six or seven D from another team when maybe Emmy is the guy. I’m not saying he is, but you look at Fedotenko, you go down that list and we know what Feds did and if it isn’t good on that list, maybe Feds is the guy.

On UFAs Matt Gilroy and Vinny Prospal: "I have interest in those guys. I thought Gilly has gone through a process. I saw improvement in him the last quarter of the year."

"With Vinny, I stayed a month after the season he was here working every day; he’s a guy, he has to wait his turn to see what happens, that’s the world he lives in now as a player, we’ll see how it goes. I’m certainly not going to say we’re done with Vinny Prospal."

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