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Wade Redden: Sitting here in limbo


WADE REDDEN Credit: Getty Images

This has been out there since soon after  the tentative CBA was forged and word about the compliance buyout formula (two for each team starting in June) was circulated, and mentioned here briefly.

The news is that with four days remaining before opening day rosters are set, the Rangers want to pay Redden (who has a $5.6 mil cap hit) to sit out the season and buy him out in June. Montreal essentialy told Scott Gomez the same thing, and negotiations with the two players continue, and people want the league to step in to smooth out the situation.

The angle now is that the NHLPA has jumped in.

Show of hands:  How many of you readers would want your boss to pay you your salary to stay home for a year, then pay the rest of your contract?  Yeah, that's what I figured.

For an older athlete, it's a little different. Careers are shorter. He loses a chance to play and show that he deserves a shot with another team.  Although, either guy, I'd wager, could play in Europe next season.

As you may know, if you follow my reports here and in the paper,  Rangers would be cap-compliant with Redden's hit this season, by about $4 mil,  but not have a lot of flexibility. Next season, when the cap drops to $64.3 mil, they will have his $$$ and Chris Drury's $1.7 million finally off the books. 


Wrote about the pressure on Rick Nash last night and back to camp, Day 3, this morning. Wonder if Richards is over the flu, and more important, is everyone else is healthy....

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