Good Evening
Good Evening

Who would be best team for an NHL "Hard Knocks"?


               Served this up on twitter and the responses came flying in.

               It'd never happen, but how about your Blueshirts? Torts, Avery, Hank, Vinny, cursing, the snappy sessions with media, and perhaps a camp holdout (Staal)? A natural, I say. Get me HBO's Ross Greenburg on the horn.

               What about the Flyers? Carcillo, Clarke, Richards, Hartnell, Pronger? OMG. Lavy not particularly full of pizzazz, but  everybody can't be Rex.

              I'd say the Caps are up there too. Boudreau is a character, you have AO and the Russians, Mike Green and his hair, and the owner who has his own blog for Pete's sake!  He'd welcome a Knocks.

             Just not the Pens, please not the Pens. 

             Someone suggested the Habs.  I responded that each episode could end with parked cars set on fire.

             Anyway, floor is yours, Blue Noters. Make us proud.

              And while you're at it, throw in nominees for teams to avoid:  Calgary? fact, most of the west. Hawks lost nine guys off Cup champs. Too bad, Big Buff coulda been a cable TV stah.



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