Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Wisnieweski deserves suspension....



                It was childish and embarrassing, even if James Wisnieweski says he doesn't recall any "gesture" to Sean Avery while jawing in the first period tonight. Convenient memory loss.

                Just go to the videotape.

                Which is what the hockey ops folks at the NHL should do and give Mr. W. a seat for a game and take some $$$ out of his pocket.

                If the NHL doesn't condone a throat-sliting gesture, how is this OK?

               The on-ice officials didn't censure Wisniewksi---that would've sent the right message to begin with.

               As we reported earlier, Avery said after the game:

               "You guys saw what he was doing. ----. But I’m sure nothing will happen to him…(Why?) Because nothing ever happens. It’s pretty obvious what happened here. It's interesting that you’ll get a warning for something like that. Can you imagine I did that? ----. They sent me to rehab the last time I did something like that… It’s crazy."

                The NHL Network deemed the gesture unfit for family viewing. On the highlights tonight, Wisniewski's hand was electronically scrambled.

              Islanders coach Scott Gordon declined to answer questions about the incident after the game, and walked out of the press conference.              




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