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Good Evening

With five in hip pocket, Rangers prep for 'Canes


Thanks to Dr. Rieber for pinch-hittin' in Ottawah. I'll be at practice at noon today in Westchester, where Anton Stralman (the latest No. 32) will be skating with the team before the Carolina visit tomorrow.  Does he play against the Canes? Not sure.

Torts doesn't like to break up winning combos, but the PP, 2-20, and the offense in general, could use some juice. Which also means, fellow observers, that the Dubi-Richards-Cally  line needs to produce. The GAS line fueled the win last night, now Dubi needs to snap outta the funk. That line needs a finisher, and if it's not Dubi at the moment, maybe Zuke.

Then Dubi-Boyle-Feds is worth a try.

The fourth line, fairly useless.

Is it time to place Marc Staal on LTIR?

After tomorrow's game, only two next week: On the Island Tuesday and in Montreal Saturday. Time for Prust, who doesn't seem to have the same jump, to heal. No excuses for anybody else. Then again, 8-3-3 shows they are finding ways to win, but it's goaltending and defense.

With two roadies sandwiched around Thanksgiving, 23rd (Florida), 25th (Washington),  Rangers don't come back home until the Flyers visit for a matinee on Saturday, the 26th

Check in later as Blueshirts hit the ice. And remember to follow me






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