Clear 34° Good Afternoon
Clear 34° Good Afternoon

Zenyatta Mondatta Kanata...

                 Or something like that, as here we are, headed way out of downtown Ottawa soon for the NYR morning skate. I've been assurred the rented black Toyota has been cleared of any accelerator issues, but in case I get there early, you'll know why.

                Keith Jarrett's amazing "Koln Concert" and some coffee is providing a masterful start to the day. But that late-night burger in the Honest Lawyer around the corner from the Marriott here is making me think: "I should get out less."

               Not gonna happen. 6 a.m. flight tomorrow and four games this week.

               Anyway, tune in a little later for a report from the rink and of course, all the tradewinds, pregame and game dispatches here and at

               Away we go... 




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