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Off-duty Suffolk police officer helps revive hockey player who went into cardiac arrest, cops say

A 49-year-old man who went into cardiac arrest after playing hockey at a St. James indoor arena was resuscitated early Monday by an off-duty Suffolk County police officer and other good Samaritans using CPR and an on-site defibrillator.

Steven Turner, 43, who works as a highway patrol officer, was getting off the rink at the Sports Arena at 12:10 a.m. during the night game when he heard several men screaming a man's first name.

"I went running over to see what was going on," he said.

The heart attack victim, a player on the other team, had collapsed near the bleachers, and Turner started CPR and shouted for someone to get the on-site defibrillator.

"My training kicked in," said Turner, who is also a volunteer firefighter.

The victim had to be shocked twice before the defibrillator detected a more stable heartbeat, the officer said.

The identity of the victim was not released, but police said he was in critical condition at Stony Brook University Hospital Monday afternoon. He was taken there via Nesconset Fire Department ambulance.

Turner said he's used a defibrillator a "fair" number of times as a firefighter and a 12-year police veteran.

But he noted that revival efforts started quickly because someone knew where the defibrillator was behind a desk and it took less than a minute to retrieve: "The big key was the sports arena had access to a public defibrillator."

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