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The Brad Richards sweepstakes -- the pitches

TSN, which is the ESPN of Canada, is monitoring the situation outside the Newport Sports offices in Toronto. That's where Brad Richards and Pat Morris, Richards' agent, are holding court for prospective employers.

Kings GM Dean Lombardi is first in the door today, followed by the Leafs, it seems. The Canadiens and Sabres may send emissaries to meet with Richards. So too may the Lightning.

The Rangers will not. Glen Sather and his crew are in Greenburgh, finishing up evaluations of the rookies and pitching other FAs. That may come off as arrogance, but it seems to be more that John Tortorella and Richards know each other well, and money is what does the talking, not some sort of in-person pitch.

I'm guessing LeBron James didn't base his choice on all the executives coming to Cleveland to woo him.

So this will drag on for a bit today as teams make their presentations.

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