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Steve Matthews / May 22 at BELMONT


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $40,000. Purse: $59,000.

1Chelsea Road(L)120Velasquez5-2-2Rice8-1


3Money Game(L)120Cruz2-2-4Jacobson5-2

4Benny's Bullet(L)115Cancel5-1-1Nevin3-1

5Darnley Bay(L)122Rosario1-1-1Barker7-2

Money Game gets confident price hike after game placing in last; more to give. Benny's Bullet owns speed, fast figs and drops; very dangerous. D'princess bested top selection by a half-length when a determined winner on May 13; right in the thick of this.


1 Mile. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $12,500. Purse: $25,000.

1Broadway Music Gal(L)120Cruz1-5-5Englehart2-1

2Rock Show(L)120Silvera3-5-2Parker6-1

3Seven Stars(L)120Ortiz2-4-8Nevin5-2

4Spa Town Parade(L)120Rodriguez5-6-7Jones30-1

5Silver Silence(L)122Jara6-1-9Adsit3-1

6Golden Cheetah(L)122Franco8-1-3Schettino5-1

Broadway Music Gal logged solid final fraction when winning last; pairs up. Silver Silence drops and returns to dirt; front-end threat on best. Seven Stars dropped neck decision to top selection when a strong second on April 24; dangerous.


1 Mile. 3&up. Maiden Claiming $40,000. Purse: $41,000.

1Mr. Canada(L)117Rosario5-6-6Zito6-1

2Talk Time(L)110Cancel8-x-xHennig12-1

3Big House(L1)117Maraghx-x-xMareina7-2

4Bird Prince(L)117Castellano2-6-6Wilkes9-5

5Rick Ant(L)117Arroyo5-5-6Martin8-1

6Mandolin Wins(L)117Velazquez6-7-4Donk3-1

Bird Prince logged swift pace and final figs when a strong second in last at Kee; 5-furlong bullet on Sunday seals the deal. Talk Time adds blinkers and could make forward move at fat price. Mandolin Wins should improve with return to dirt.


11/16 Miles (Inner Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Allowance Optional Claiming. NY Bred. Purse: $65,000.

1Graceful Gal(L)122Franco1-4-4O'Brien9-5

2Lutheran Miss(L)122Lezcano6-1-1Servis8-1

3Kate Is a Ten(L)122Silvera2-2-2Parker10-1

4Prairie Stone(L)120Cruz2-4-4Barrera, III12-1

5Funky Munky Fever(L)120Alvarado7-4-5Donk5-1

6Freudie Anne(L)114Ortiz4-10-1Kenneally8-5

Funky Munky Fever failed to fire last time but should be far more focused in second start since six-month absence. Freudie Annie is speedy and 1-for-1 on Belmont turf. Graceful Gal was a determined winner in last and owns fast back figs; worth long look.


11/16 Miles (Widener Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $40,000. Purse: $40,000.

1Nile Empress(L)122Carmouche4-9-9Sharp3-1

2Gimme Jimmy(L)122Velasquez3-1-3Nevin6-1

3Zafiro Azul(L)120Ortiz6-2-1Bush10-1

4Welcome Speech(L)118Castellano3-1-9Kenneally5-2


6Too Good to B True(L)120Maragh4-4-4Dunham15-1

7Forever for Always(L)120Arroyo4-3-2Antonucci8-1

8Shades of Indygo(L)124Carmouche1-2-2Ryerson4-1

9Sambrook(L)122Alvarado1-x-xKingsley, Jr12-1

Zafiro Azul logged only win on Belmont grass and compiled purposeful training tab for first start since November. Knacque is fleet-footed and looms the dominant speed with aggressive ride. Too Good to B True owns fast final fractions on best efforts and will offer juicy price; worth long look.


6 Furlongs (Inner Turf). 3&up. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $75,000.


2Salsa Dog(L)118Ortiz4-6-7Englehart4-1

3Alaapatique(L1)118Cruzx-x-xTerranova, II15-1

4May Be a Diamond(L)118Carmouche7-10-xBrown20-1

5Global Warrior(L)118Arroyo9-7-6Brown30-1

6Take Cover(L1)118Lezcano11-x-xMott8-1

7Delta Outlaw(L)118Franco6-2-4Weaver5-2

8Sleeping Giant(L)118Alvarado2-2-4Asmussen3-1

9Ackerman Road(L)124Maragh12-5-2Levine10-1

Sleeping Giant is rested, training strongly and logged fast final fractions as a 2-year-old. Ackerman Road is quick from the gate and will prove very tough on an unchallenged lead. Icefield gets the meds for potent second-out stable (Kiaran McLaughlin); must consider.


11/16 Miles. 3yo. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $77,000.

1Combat Diver(L)122Castellano5-9-2Contessa5-1

2All Hands(L)122Ortiz3-1-12McLaughlin7-2

3Marine One(L)115Cancel1-7-4Adsit15-1

4Good Pick Nick(L)122Jara1-2-2McLaughlin5-2

5The Truth Or Else(L)122Rosario5-7-4McPeek9-5

6White Bay(L)120Saez1-10-2McGaughey III8-1

Good Pick Nick visually and numerically impressed when breaking maiden last out; more to come. All Hands regressed in last after fast-figured win in prior; rebound threat. The Truth or Else owns fast final figures on best efforts.


1 Mile (Widener Turf). 3&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $90,000.

1Unbridled Ocean(L)118Alvarado8-2-1Mott4-1


3Slim Shadey(L)118Velasquez6-4-1Jacobson12-1

4Reload(L)124Castellano1-1-6McGaughey III8-5

5Storming Inti(L)124Arroyo4-4-6Antonucci6-1


Unbridled Ocean gets class relief and owns fast final fractions on best efforts. Plainview is the one that must be caught; very playable. Notacatbutallama is rested and right in the thick of this on best efforts.


11/8 Miles (Inner Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Claiming $40,000. NY Bred. Purse: $41,000.


2Meet in Khartoum(L)117Franco4-5-xMorrison7-2

3Weekend Score(L)117Ortiz3-2-3Contessa4-1

4Dixie Gem(L)124Alvarado4-2-4Hertler6-1

5Millpoint Creek(L)124Lezcano2-4-7Dini5-1

6Q T Bird(L)117Garcia10-4-6Barrera, III50-1



9Mohawk Lily(L)117Velazquez5-2-6Gyarmati10-1


Also Eligible

11Little Mary Ellen(L)117Saez5-4-3Trombetta7-2

Mohawk Lilly gets rider upgrade and projects as the dominant speed in wide-open nightcap. Little Mary Ellen tallied improved final fraction in last; very dangerous. Dixie Gem never delivered when a flat fourth as the favorite last out; better value this time. Millpoint Creek would be aided by pace meltdown.

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