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Steve Matthews / May 25 at BELMONT


6 1/2 Furlongs. 3&up. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $70,000. (All races NY Bred.) Post -- 1:20 p.m.

1Apache Warrior(L1)118Saezx-x-xWilson12-1


3Scout It Out(L1)106Cancelx-x-xWard6-1

4Got Winged(L)118Velasquez7-4-7Dini12-1

5One Sided(L)118Castellano2-3-xPletcher9-5

6Watch the Tie(L)118Cruz3-2-xGullo3-1

7Pop the Hood118Alvaradox-x-xUbillo15-1

8Hundred Percent(L)118Rosario2-2-4Englehart5-1

One Sided logged fast figs in both starts and fired half-mile bullet for first start since April 4. Proletariat wheels back in a hurry after wide trip in debut last Sunday; improvement expected. Apache Warrior is firing bullets for first start; follow the money.


1 Mile. (Widener Turf). The MOUNT VERNON. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $125,000.

1Old Harbor(L)115Franco2-1-7Cash3-1


3Lady Kreesa(L)115Castellano1-6-3Donk12-1

4Lady Gracenote(L,M)117Velasquez2-4-6Balsamo4-1

5Unbelievable Dream(L)115Cruz4-11-3Tagg7-2

6Mah Jong Maddnes(L)117Ortiz6-12-8Morrison8-1

7Invading Humor(L)117Maragh9-8-1Levine5-2

8Laura Can Disco(L)115Velasquez1-8-1Gullo5-1

Unbelievable Dream was pace compromised when a close-up fourth in last; set for best in third start of form cycle. Old Harbor is training with a purpose for first start since October; dangerous. Invading Humor is another that's working sharply for return from fall layoff; right in the thick of this.


1 Mile. The COMMENTATOR. 3&up. Purse: $200,000.



1aBond Vigilante(L)116Velazquez1-1-2Brown5-2

3Empire Dreams(L)117Castellano2-9-7Albertrani5-1

4Saratoga Snacks(L)119Rosario3-1-2Sciacca2-1


6Summer Place to Be(L)115Franco1-5-1Morley10-1

Saratoga Snacks should be ideally positioned in the stalker's seat. Readthebyline could easily take this on a soft lead. Sinistra compiled solid work slate for first start since New Year's Eve; price will be tempting.


1 Mile. Allowance. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $72,000.

1Prize Taker(L)120Jara2-3-2Baker5-1

2Legally Bay(L)120Rice2-2-5Coffey8-1

3Razia Sultana(L)118Ortiz1-2-3Violette, Jr3-1


5Perfect Freud(L)118Castellano3-2-1Sciacca7-2

6Lightning Lilly(L)114Maragh6-1-2Matties20-1

7Shades of Indygo(L)124Carmouche1-2-2Ryerson10-1

8Momma Giovanna(L)107Cancel1-2-7Pletcher12-1

Prize Taker makes peak start of form cycle after clear-cut placing in last. Razia Sultana is speedy, rested and firing bullets. Lightning Lilly also is fleet-footed and training sharply; don't ignore.


7 Furlongs. The MIKE LEE. 3yo. Purse: $125,000.



3Battle of Evermore(L)116Rosario4-3-1Brown6-1


5Gypsum Johnny(L)118Maragh3-1-1Contessa15-1

6Regal Minister(L)118Alvarado6-2-5Hennig20-1


8Papa Shot(L)116Ortiz1-11-xHushion6-1

9Good Luck Gus(L)120Saez1-5-2Rodriguez5-1

Wincoma could play out as the speed of the speed with aggressive ride. Ostrolenka also is quick from gate and owns fast final figs; very dangerous. Gypsum Johnny could impact if pace meltdown ensues.


7 Furlongs. Allowance. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Purse: $72,000.

1Spider Roll(L)124Arroyo5-6-4Klesaris20-1

2Kid Blast(L)124Carmouche6-7-7Levine15-1

3Charity Reins(L)124Alvarado5-12-3Serpe20-1

4Latigo Trail(L)124Franco5-3-1Brown12-1

5Archer Hill(L)124Maragh2-3-3Orseno5-1

6Birchwood Road(L)124Cruz3-5-2Nihei3-1

7Broadway Bay(L)124Saez5-9-6Brown30-1

8Masons Dream(L)119Rosario5-4-3Rodriguez10-1

9Deficit Hawk(L)119Ortiz3-4-6Violette, Jr7-2

10One Eyed Ray(L)119Velasquez8-7-6Trombetta8-1

11Candid Desire(L)119Castellano9-1-6Sciacca12-1

12Forever Utopia(L)114Cancel1-1-8Terranova,II8-1


14Secured Position(L,AE)119Franco2-1-xCash12-1

15Drama King(L,M)116No Rider1-3-3Rodriguez2-1

16Bambisfrostyracer(L,M)121No Rider1-1-6Serpe8-1

Candid Desire regressed in last after fast-figured win in prior; rebounds. Archer Hill compiled tight work tab for first start since September; worth long look. Chasintheblues is speedy and must be factored into the mix if able to escape AE list.


7 Furlongs. The BOUWERIE. 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $125,000.


2The Lewis Dinner(L)120Rosario2-1-1Rodriguez5-1

3Hot City Girl(L)118Ortiz4-2-1Rice12-1

4Jc's Shooting Star(L)116Cruz2-2-xDonk30-1

5Dreamboat Annie(L)116Velazquez3-1-xGyarmati6-1


7Lakeside Sunset(L)116Castellano3-1-2Brown7-2

8In Spite of Mama(L)118Saez3-1-2Maker15-1

9Take Issue(L)122Alvarado1-1-1Asmussen8-1

10Temper Mint Patty(L)118Maragh6-3-4Englehart10-1

Temper Mint Patty is ideally posted outside and should be positioned in the stalker's seat. Take Issue is riding a three-race winning streak and worked three times since last victory. Quezon is 2-for-2 at Belmont Park and is firing bullets for first start in 177 days.


1 Mile. (Widener Turf). The KINGSTON. 3&up. Purse: $125,000.

1Idle American(L)116Cruz4-8-7Kelly20-1

2Unbridled Command(L)118Velasquez9-9-5Contessa15-1

3King Kreesa(L)118Rosario6-3-2Donk5-2

4Ocala Jim(L)116Franco7-6-1Donk15-1

5With Exultation(L)116Ortiz1-9-2Trombetta15-1



8Captain Gaughen(L)116Velazquez4-7-6Ryerson20-1


Ocala Jim needed last and owns fast final fractions on best efforts. Unbridled Command owns two wins and two thirds in four starts on Belmont sod; very playable. Kharafa consistently delivers strong efforts; right in the thick of this.


1 Mile. The CRITICAL EYE. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $200,000.

1Easy Living(L)117Rosario1-7-5McLaughlin12-1


3Royal Suspicion(L)117Carmouche3-3-1Ryerson20-1

4Star Grazing(L)123Arroyo2-6-1Jerkens15-1

5Piccolo Flats(L)117Velasquez1-3-4Gargan5-1


7Miss Da Point(L)117Cruz1-1-3Toscano, Jr7-2

8Jcs American Dream(L)117Saez5-7-6Turner, Jr30-1

9Hot Stones(L)123Velazquez4-8-3Levine8-1


Star Grazing is fresh and owns swift late pace numbers on 'A' game. Saythreehailmary's was a hard-charging winner in last and owns rapid back numbers; pair up potential. Sheriffa is speedy and logs rapid final figures; very dangerous.


6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden

Claiming $40,000. Purse: $46,000.

1Hereslooknat U Kid(L)124Jimenez5-9-xHebert30-1

2Dot Product(L)118Maragh3-5-5Englehart4-1

3Cosmic Tale(L)118Franco10-2-4Baker3-1

4Valatie Gal(L)118Cruz10-11-xMartin30-1


6Back to Me(L)118Alvarado4-10-7Dini8-1

7Clear Nite(L)111Cancel10-6-5Terranova,II20-1

8Lamorris(L)118Rodriguez8-10-6Barrera, III30-1

9Pink Freud Live118Saez6-7-xWeaver7-2


11Livi On Love(L)118Arroyo6-9-7Sciacca12-1

12Go Babe(L)118Velasquez7-3-10Englehart6-1

13Sugar Mags(L,AE)118Maragh9-10-xMartin15-1

14Offlee Good(L,AE)124Rice11-6-8Fisher20-1

15Devil's Silent(L,M)111Cancel7-5-xRodriguez5-1

16Twisted Cat Tail(L1,M)118Ortizx-x-xNevin6-1

Cosmic Tale is firing bullets for first start since November; primed and ready. Go Babe also is working swiftly and could play out as the main speed with aggressive ride. Dot Product should pack enhanced kick with cutback to 6 furlongs. Pink Freud Live is training with a purpose for first outing in 212 days; don't dismiss.

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