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Steve Matthews / May 28 at BELMONT


1 1/16 Mile. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Claiming $75,000. Purse: $52,000. Post -- 1:20 p.m.

2Emerald Pond(L)117Ortiz, Jr4-7-xBrown8-5

1Mia and Molly(L)117Lezcano3-9-xMott9-5


1aLana's Fortune(L)117Ortiz6-5-6Serpe9-5

4Class Will Tell(L)117Cruz6-8-8Bush15-1

5Matty's Wondergirl(L)117Franco8-4-8Donk6-1

6Rock Me Again(L)117Castellano2-5-2Pletcher4-1

Lana's Fortune drops and sheds blinkers after speed and fade in last; tighter today. Rock Me Again is firing bullets for move to turf for Pletcher. Class Will Tell logged three tight works since last start; price will be tempting.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Claiming $12,500. Purse: $25,000.

2Attractive Ride(L)120Rodriguez5-5-6Terracciano4-1

3First Ranger(L)115Cancel7-4-7Ferraro10-1

1Seek to Destroy(L)122Velasquez4-7-1Jacobson4-5

1aSo Brilliant(L)120Cruz4-5-4Jacobson4-5

4Most Happy Fella(L)120Worrie7-8-6Barrera, III30-1

5Ganador(L)120Jimenez5-4-5Barrera, III20-1

6Assured Victory(L)120Castellano4-4-9Brown6-1

7Read the Mirage(L)124Camacho, Jr7-7-5Persaud15-1


Read the Mirage gets class relief after being done in by hot pace in last. Jacobson entry: Seek to Destroy wheels back in a hurry after battling up front at Mth on Saturday and mate So Brilliant packs solid late kick on best efforts. First Ranger will be aided by return to dirt.


1 1/16 Mile. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $75,000.

2Clearly Cheating(L)117Ortiz, Jr5-x-xMorley15-1

3Tiger Moth(L)117Velazquez3-x-xPletcher5-2

1Regia Marina(L)117Rosario3-5-xAlbertrani9-5

1aDelay of Game(L)117Franco2-x-xMcLaughlin9-5

4Fast Retailing117Ortiz6-x-xMcGaughey III7-2

5Majestic Empire(L)124Alvarado6-2-3Hushion10-1

6Il Mulino(L1)117Lezcano6-x-xMott5-1

Il Mulino gets the meds and is training with a purpose for first start since November. Tiger Moth was a close-up third in debut at GP; dangerous. Majestic Empire returns to dirt after displaying improved speed in last.


1 1/2 Mile. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $80,000.


2Global Strike(L)122Castellano1-8-6Pletcher5-2


4Artic North(L)120Ortiz, Jr8-4-6Reynolds9-5

5Sharp Omar(L)122Velasquez6-4-1Toscano, Jr15-1

6Second City(L,MTO)120Carmouche1-1-1Esler3-1


8Mr. Jenney(L)120Rosario5-5-1Clement6-1

Global Strike is fresh and projects as the controlling speed. Sharp Omar could be the prime beneficiary if pace meltdown ensues. Heyaarat is fleet-footed and makes peak start of form cycle.


6 1/2 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Claiming $50,000. Purse: $46,000.

1No Dress Rehearsal(L1)119Castellanox-x-xMcPeek6-1

2Egyptian Magic(L)119Ortiz8-2-9Rice4-1

3No Shanks(L)119Carmouche2-3-4Mareina5-1

4Wild Street Girl(L)119Velazquez11-5-xAdsit5-2

5Petite Warrior(L)117Cancel6-13-xZito12-1

6Rachel's Temper(L)124Rosario4-8-8Cannizzo3-1

7French Dressing(L)119Jara5-8-xHertler20-1

Wild Street Girl returns to dirt and makes first start with maiden claiming tag; call in wide-open maiden dash. Egyptian Magic also goes turf to dirt and makes first start for Linda Rice; dangerous. No Shanks was a willing second in last; must respect. Rachel's Temper could be in the garden spot if pace meltdown ensues.


1 Mile. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $25,000. Purse: $47,000.

2Desert Bliss(L)120Rice1-6-4Matties15-1

3Dance With Gio(L)120Saez6-9-4Kopaj10-1

4Sun and Moon(L)120Cruz5-1-1Martin10-1

1Electro Peg(L)120Rosario4-4-4Linder, Jr7-2

5Keep Bustin(L,MTO)120Carmouche6-2-4Levine6-1

6Starship Pleasant(L)120Ortiz7-1-3Servis3-1

7Little Ariel(L)120Carmouche3-1-1Sharp6-1

8La Inesperada(L)114Lezcano2-2-4Parisella6-1

1aBargaining Table(L)120Ortiz, Jr8-5-1Toscano, Jr7-2

9Bobs Pinup Girl(L)120Maragh2-5-2Falcone, Jr5-1

10Fall Into Faith(L)120Worrie4-5-4Arriaga30-1

11Lemon Song(L)122Arroyo4-5-1Sciacca20-1

12Bounty Pink(L,MTO)122No Rider1-6-6Rice5-2

13Darnley Bay(L,MTO)113Cancel5-1-1Barker7-2

Desert Bliss gets confident price hike and moves to grass after clear-cut score on dirt last time; capable on any footing. Starship Pleasant is speedy, fresh and training with a purpose; dangerous. Dance With Gio owns three wins and two thirds in five starts on Belmont sod; must consider.


1 Mile. 3&up. Claiming $14,000. Purse: $26,000.

3Hidden Warrior(L)122Rice1-5-11Rice15-1

4Flash Paws(L)113Cancel6-6-11Nevin12-1

5Mental Iceberg(L)120Franco7-6-2Adsit15-1


7It'll Be Fine(L)114Rosario7-8-4McPeek10-1

8Percy's Ambition(L)122Saez1-7-1Zito8-1

9Money Machine(L)120Velasquez2-2-6Jacobson7-2

10Hard Fast Cash(L)124Jara1-1-7Stoklosa15-1

11Can't Catch Me Now(L)120Jimenez4-6-3Barrera, III30-1

12Son of Dixie(L)120Arroyo3-7-6Schosberg8-1


1Grand Strand(L)122Worrie5-6-3Chatterpaul20-1


14Two Seventeen(L)120Carmouche1-4-2Levine12-1


2bDistant Thoughts(L,AE)120Cruz5-3-5Schwartz20-1

Two Seventeen was a clear-cut winner in last and owns faster back figures. Percy's Ambition could be the prime beneficiary if pace meltdown ensues. Money Machine was a hard-fought second in last; regresses today?


1 Mile. (Widener Turf). Allowance. 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $77,000.

1Bonnet Plume(L,MTO)122Lezcano9-1-4Albertrani4-1

2Fiery Cat(L)122Velasquez1-1-3Jacobson30-1

3Easy Feeling(L)120Ortiz4-3-4Tagg10-1

4Nicky's Brown Miss(L)120Maragh5-9-8Capilupi15-1


6Lady of Victory(L)122Rosario3-1-6Mott3-1

7Lady Bling(L)122Franco1-6-8Donk20-1

8Moon Medal120Lezcano7-1-xLynch12-1

9Kitten's Roar(L)120Ortiz, Jr1-x-xBrown5-1

1aSentiero Italia(L)122Saez1-7-xMcLaughlin4-1

10Tapitry(L)120Velazquez4-1-4McGaughey III7-2

Lady Bling overcame soft flow when a determined winner in last; pairs up. Sentiero Italia was a front-running winner in last and could play out as the main speed once again. Clutchingatstraws gets the meds in stateside debut for Christophe Clement; follow the money.


6 1/2 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Claiming $25,000. NY Bred. Purse: $32,000.

1Harlans Six(L)119Maragh3-6-5Gullo6-1

2Paw Annie(L)119Saez10-5-4Rojas15-1

3She's All Even(L)119Franco7-2-2Contessa5-1

4Absolutely Anita(L)124Jara12-x-xGullo20-1

5Double Up Dixie(L1)124Jimenez6-10-5Quiles50-1

6Pretty Like Me(L)117Cancel7-8-2Servis4-1


8Birthday Girl(L)119Velasquez4-4-2Vitali3-1

9Devil's Silent(L)119Ortiz7-5-xRodriguez7-2

10Kool Charli(L)119Worrie5-11-6Ibrahim30-1

Harlans Six owns a stretch running style that could be well served in weak nightcap. She's All Even is speedy and will prove very tough on an unchallenged lead. Birthday Girl drops to lifetime low; right in the thick of this. Kool Charli could impact at fat price if fractions get fast and furious.

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