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New York equine deaths in racing and training in 2015

The New York State Gaming Commission provides a record of horse racing breakdowns, deaths and injuries. Below is data for 43 horse deaths in New York in 2015. Twenty of those were racing deaths. The rest were non-racing or training deaths. 

Helwan was the 10th equine death at Belmont Park in 2015, according to the gaming commission. Seven of those deaths were training-related. Two were racing-related and one was non-racing related. 

Note that this data is current as of 3:52 p.m., Saturday, June 6, 2015 and subject to change as more information becomes available. 

Incident TypeRacing TypeIncident DateHorse NameRacetrack
EQUINE DEATHRacing01/02/2015Golden BayAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing01/04/2015ShewreckstheplaceAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing01/07/2015ReminicMonticello Raceway & Mighty M Gaming
EQUINE DEATHRacing01/09/2015Italian RulesAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing01/09/2015ApexAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining01/09/2015Channel of LoveAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing01/15/2015You Take the CakeAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining01/16/2015One More ChiefBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining01/18/2015SensoAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing01/22/2015Miss MacarenaAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining01/26/2015Tornado CityBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing03/06/2015She's A CowgirlSaratoga Gaming & Raceway
EQUINE DEATHRacing03/12/2015Risk the MoonAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining03/19/2015Summer HawkBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHNon-Racing03/29/2015Eastcoast LightsBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing04/09/2015On The BrinkYonkers Raceway
EQUINE DEATHRacing04/09/2015Fashion SharkYonkers Raceway
EQUINE DEATHRacing04/12/2015Con SneakyAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing04/12/2015Subtle HumorAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing04/16/2015ZenstoneAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing04/17/2015Make a FriendBuffalo Raceway
EQUINE DEATHTraining04/19/2015UninfluencedBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHNon-Racing04/19/2015Morning JoeSaratoga Gaming & Raceway
EQUINE DEATHTraining04/25/2015American HeroBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining04/26/2015Lunar TalesBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining04/29/2015Spider BrideFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHTraining05/01/2015You Gotta BelieveSaratoga Racecourse (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining05/05/2015Jay BirdSaratoga Racecourse (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining05/08/2015OtoyAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHNon-Racing05/16/2015Mr ReidAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing05/16/2015Prime Time CityFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHTraining05/17/2015Mr. O'LearyAqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHRacing05/19/2015Sunshine BlissFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHNon-Racing05/19/2015Sin BanderasFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHNon-Racing05/20/2015Clever KingFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHTraining05/21/2015ZzajSaratoga Racecourse (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining05/24/2015Fansy PantsyFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHTraining05/28/2015GabboleBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHTraining05/29/2015IcprideicpowerFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHRacing05/30/2015Soul HouseBelmont Park (NYRA)
EQUINE DEATHNon-Racing06/02/2015Sea FighterFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHRacing06/04/2015Hughes NextFinger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack
EQUINE DEATHRacing06/06/2015HelwanBelmont Park (NYRA)


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