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Steve Matthews’ Aqueduct selections for Jan. 7

16 Furlongs. Maiden Claiming $40,000. 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $41,000.

Post — 12:20 p.m.1Causeway Cutie(L)113Davis5-7-9Terracciano30-12Ice Couture(L)120Carmouche5-x-xCannizzo5-13Genuine Happiness(L1)120Ortizx-x-xNevin6-14Star Mily120Davis8-10-2Ryerson15-15Glosky(L1)115Hernandezx-x-xBarbara6-16Miss Swisher(L1)115Cancelx-x-xContessa8-17Voided Contract(L)120Franco7-3-xPletcher4-5Ice Couture was a tough-trip sixth in debut; forward move predicted. Voided Contract is training with a purpose for first start in 50 days; dangerous. Causeway Cutie drops, cuts back to sprint and could impact at fat ticket.

21 Mile. Claiming $14,000. 4&up. Purse: $27,000.

1All Gold(L)121Rodriguez5-2-1D‘Alessandro12-12Hard Fast Cash(L)119Camacho, Jr10-6-11Stoklosa30-13Captain Toews(L)119Davis6-6-8Antonucci15-14Pin and Win(L)121Franco6-5-1Lostritto6-15Combat Diver(L)121Ortiz, Jr1-3-2Rodriguez7-56Summit Moon(L)114Hernandez5-9-4Kimmel8-17Puppy Manners(L)119Gryder7-3-3Englehart5-18Jumpin Frac Flash(L)119Carmouche7-6-3Gargan7-29Can‘t Catch Me Now(L)119Garcia5-6-5Barrera, III30-1Summit Moon logged improved internal and final figures in last; more to give. Combat Diver wheels back in a hurry after clear-cut score on New Year’s Day. Puppy Manners gets class relief failing to impact in last; fast back numbers.

36 Furlongs. Allowance Optional Claiming. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Purse: $59,000.1Shotgun Love(L)121Gryder2-1-3Schettino5-22Literata(L)119Velasquez8-5-2Jacobson3-13Lady Luciano(L)119Carmouche2-3-5Toscano, Jr6-14Uncle Southern(L)118Cancel7-5-8Contessa8-15Take Issue(L)119Ortiz, Jr4-5-3Asmussen8-5Literata compiled tight work tab since being DQ’d from top honors on Oct. 18; primed and ready. Lady Luciano was a fast-figured second in last and logged all three wins on inner track; very playable. Shotgun Love consistently delivers strong efforts right in the thick of this.

41 Mile. Maiden Claiming $25,000. 3yo. Fillies. NY Bred. Purse: $31,000.1So Cruel(L)116Hernandez5-9-5Brown4-12Hollaback(L)121Camacho, Jr5-4-8Iorio, Jr20-13Flataway(L)121Franco3-6-xPletcher3-14Sheyn Vi Di Levone(L)121DeCarlo2-9-10Dilger5-25Punch It(L)121Davis10-7-11Quartarolo30-16You Lucky Dog(L)121Gryder5-11-5Contessa8-17First Showing(L)121Lopez4-6-xHennig6-18Roaring Vixen(L)121Davis3-3-5Turner, Jr12-19Mary‘s Legacy(L)121Rodriguez4-4-5Englehart15-110Misses Knight(L1)121Samuelx-x-xChatterpaul30-1Also Eligible11Fly Ash(L)121Carmouche7-10-xReynolds6-1Fly Ash drops, adds blinkers and could be sitting on wake-up in weak field. So Cruel also gets class relief and is riding a forward line on the numbers; price wil be tempting. Sheyn Vi Di Levone makes peak start of form cycle after clear-cut second in last; logical.

51 1⁄16 Mile. Claiming $20,000. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $40,000.1Natalie Victoria(L)118Velasquez5-4-2Jacobson5-22Just Got Out(L)120Ortiz5-5-1Englehart4-13Jane Peterson(L)118Alvarado5-6-12Barbara12-14Get Gorgeous(L)113Cancel4-7-5Donk20-15Seven Dreams(L)118Ortiz, Jr9-4-1Nevin5-16Pushme Pullyou(L)120Franco3-5-2Orseno8-17Lotsa Noodles(L)120Rice2-1-4Jacobson8-18Amulay(L)118Arroyo1-5-6Levine7-2Amulay gets confident price hike after determined win in last; pairs up. Natalie Victoria is speedy and drops two class levels; more than good enough on ‘A’ game. Just Got Out was an even fifth in last; improvement expected.

61 Mile. Claiming $14,000. 4&up. Purse: $27,000.

1Ex Ex Ex(L)121Ortiz, Jr7-9-4Contessa6-12Liberty First(L)119Carmouche6-3-4Gargan4-13Winnitude(L)121Davis9-11-6Sciacca50-14Chase Lane(L)119Ortiz2-4-3Toscano, Jr3-15All My Trails(L)116Cancel1-3-9Dilger7-26Succesful Brothers(L)114Hernandez7-3-6Servis5-17Heady Creek(L)123Garcia7-1-1Schettino12-18Mizner Park(L)119Rodriguez7-5-4Terracciano30-19Yakov(L)121Arroyo6-2-1Englehart8-1All My Trails was a breakthrough winner in last and should offer best price potential of the contenders. Chase Lane logged swift pace and final figures when a game second in last; very dangerous. Successful Brothers drops, makes peak start of form cycle and owns swift back numbers; right in the thick of this.

76 Furlongs. Claiming $32,000. 3yo. Purse: $50,000.

1Bust Another(L)114Cancel1-5-xMareina7-22The Silver Sniper(L)117Carmouche5-1-5Toscano, Jr4-13The Great Whiteway(L)117Ortiz, Jr1-4-2Klesaris6-14Berb‘s Monarchy(L)119Vargas, Jr7-3-4Zulueta8-15Rocky the Kid(L)117Silvera1-3-6Persaud15-16Boilermaker(L)119Ortiz6-1-2Englehart5-17Legend Keeper(L)119Velasquez6-1-3Jacobson3-18My Man Al(L)119Saez6-6-1Adsit12-1The Silver Sniper was dueled into defeat last time but should enjoy softer front-end flow in this pace matchup. The Great Whiteway makes first start for Steve Klesaris after dominant win in last at Prx; very playable. Legend Keeper compiled eye-catching work tab for first start since October; must consider.

81 1⁄16 Mile. Allowance. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $67,000.1Rachel‘s Temper(L)121Luzzi3-2-10Cannizzo10-12Milaya(L)116Cancel6-8-1Dilger12-13Defoe Street(L)121DeCarlo1-6-5DiPrima30-14Theresas Candyrose(L)121Alvarado2-1-1Barbara8-15Jules N Rome(L)123Carmouche2-7-1Gargan6-16High Ridge Road(L)123Ortiz, Jr2-1-3Brown8-57Kathy‘s Humor(L)123Gryder4-1-6Violette, Jr6-18Wickedly Smart(L1)123Franco1-2-4Noseda7-29Flick of an Eye(L)123Saez4-1-6Gargan20-1Defoe Street was a confident winner the first time she touched the inner track; more to come. Rachel’s Temper exits sprints and should be favorably positioned near the front; dangerous. Theresas Candyrose delivers strong efforts with machine-like consistency; must be factored into the mix. Flick of an Eye is fresh and hails from Danny Gargan barn; don’t ignore.

96 Furlongs. Maiden Claiming $25,000. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Purse: $31,000.1Lil Renegade(L)121Gryder3-4-11Friedman4-12Bubbe Zena(L)121Franco3-5-3Donk12-13Awesome Winter(L)121Alvarado7-3-4Brown15-14Foxy Posse(L)116Cancel6-8-5Levine3-15Karenina Gal(L)121Ortiz, Jr4-10-6Violette, Jr5-16Paw Annie(L)116Hernandez5-3-8Rojas15-17Bustin Aces(L)121Arroyo3-x-xLevine6-18Naughty Grace(L)121Carmouche4-8-4Antonucci20-19Sachopia(L1)121Davis6-7-6Dunham30-110Yourcreditisgood(L)121Silvera4-2-3Orseno6-111Lime Candy(L)121Rodriguez9-3-xBaker30-112Nagging Gigee(L)121Davis6-8-3Maroun20-1Also Eligible13Queen Katherina(L)114Davis6-3-9Shivmangal20-114Rahy‘s Bandit(L)121Davis2-12-xIselin5-115She Is My Hero(L)114Davis8-10-11Johnson30-1Rahy’s Bandit was a much-improved second with addition of Lasix last time; rates call if able to escape AE list. Paw Annie gets class relief after even fifth in last; price will be generous. Foxy Posse owns speed, adds blinkers and makes first start with maiden-claiming tag; very playable. Bubbe Zena should be aided by cutback to sprint; dangerous. Yourcreditisgood regressed in last after fast-figured placing in prior; right in the thick of this.

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